Downloads Everything You Need

Proposal Request Form

Complete this easy to follow form and BIQS will provide an ISO Certification Proposal.

Guide to Certification

Guidance notes and flow chart gives you the essential information to understand the stages of certification from initial audit to recertification.

Impartiality Policy

Impartiality is critically important in providing a professional certification service.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint regarding the BIQS certification service contact us .

Appeals Procedure

If you wish to appeal a decision regarding a non conformance or other finding on site or certification decision then contact the BIQS office.

BIQS Profile

Explore BIQS company profile to know more about us and the services we are provide.

Certification Logos Guide

Once your Company achieves Certification use this helpful guide to know logo use regulations.

Certification Logos

High resolution PNG/EPS images of BIQS certification logos with and without the EGAC mark.

Certification Regulations

The BIQS Certification Regulations takes you on a journey through the certification processes, from granting, maintaining, renewing and restoring certification.